Welcome to the web page of Domaine Sérénité, a micro eco-friendly farm that is 20 km from Clarens, Free State, South Africa. The Domaine is surrounded by the beautiful Lesotho Mountain.

We set up Sérénité from scratch in 2013 and made the choice to be 100% off the grid. All electricity is generated through windmill turbine and solar panels, all hot water is heated through the sun with solar geyser. Our leisure farm was thus set up to be energy conscious while allowing very comfortable and luxury accommodation. Sérénité is a micro-farm, i.e. a small scale farm that produces organically grown vegetables and fruit using permaculture techniques. Every single tree and plant was planted by us and we benefit from a very fertile soil.

Our vision is to Heal the Earth and Feed its People‘.

You can watch our 3 min introduction video to get a glimpse of the Domaine. If you have a good internet connexion, you can make a virtual tour here.

We hope that during and after your stay at Domaine Sérénité, you will feel inspired, close to nature and energised.

Recharge your body and soothe your soul in a special place closer to nature, which combines simplicity and serenity.