Meditation and Tai chi chuan

The Domaine includes a Dojo building, dedicated to relaxation through meditation and Tai chi chuan.

The Dojo is located between the main farm (left) and Cottage Goji (right), and enjoys breathtaking views of the mountains.

Tai chi chuan can be transformed into a powerful moving meditation. The moves in Tai chi chuan are based on the philosophy of the forces of yin and yang. Taoists practice tai chi chuan not only for martial arts but also as a meditation artform. In Tai chi chuan we practice breathing, movement and awareness exercises as well as meditation.

Tai chi is an artform of moving meditation

Meditation Zazen (‘seated position’)  is practiced on a cushion called zafu that is placed on a flat mat called zabuton. The beginning of a period of zazen is announced by ringing a bell three times and the end of a round by ringing the bell either once or twice. We sit with folded legs and hands, the an erect but relaxed spine and eyelids are half-lowered.

Seated meditation in the Dojo

We offer different types of workshops for our guests and visitors:

  • Initiation to meditation (1h, morning or evening) either in the Dojo, or outdoor to enjoy the beautiful landscape and recharge in nature.
  • Introduction to Tai chi chuan and meditation (3h, 10am – 1pm): one Tai chi chuan session, followed by one meditation session and a nourishing vegetarian cooked meal that include our organic veggies from our gardens and a taste of homemade kombucha.

If interested, contact us for more details at serenite.clarens[at] (replace ‘[at]’ by @). You will be taught by your host Betty, who has been practicing Zazen for more than 35 years. She has taught Tai chi to groups of students for 20 years, here you can see a short warm-up!

Zafu cushions and zabuton
Betty practicing Tai chi chuan at the Domaine