Hiking and exploring

Domaine Sérénité has an area of 113 hectares and is spread across two hills. There is plenty to explore on the property, and around.

We continue to develop our trails, here are a few options below:

  • A 10-min short hike to the small cave (aven) is perfect for a picnic spot, or a mindfulness meditation session.
  • A 2 – 4h loop is our latest addition, see the pdf document here with map and directions (a copy is available in our cottages).
  • A 1.5h-2h (or more) return hike to the St fort cave (requires verbal agreement from St Fort as you will cross their property)
Huy on the trail starting from Cottage Goji
The tiny ‘cave’ ( the panorama is deceptive) with swiping views of the mountains.
The small cave with its natural benches
Betty and friend Marjon walking (or rather admiring) towards St Fort property
Exploring the St Fort cave (feel free to contact them if you want to camp!)
If you hike long enough you may see the Domaine up the mountain