Natural swimming pool

In 2018 we have built our natural 15m x 6m swimming pool that include no chlorine nor chemical nasties! The pool is filled with water from our natural spring, and is purified through a first pond that include water lilies, rushes and paper reed plants.

Water is pumped from the swimming pool (below) to the pond (above) to be purified naturally with aquatic plants.

The water is then filtered with a pump that includes South African zeolite rather than sand. The mineral zeolite provides a great water treatment as it is naturally absorbent or pollutant and is non-toxic. In the water we also use effective microorganisms (as described here) to kill pathogens and algae.

The swimming competitions have started!

Our guests can enjoy doing lapses in this 15m x 6m wide pool, as long as they do not use perfume, sunscreen or cream that may severely perturb the fragile ecosystem we have put in place.

You may meet some of those cuties in the pool! oops! Their presence indicate there are no chemicals in the water.
In winter we protect the pool, then eagerly wait for spring and summer to come back!

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