100% off the grid

Would you believe it? Our farm is self sufficient and 100% energy autonomous.

What is means is that we design the farm so that it is completely ‘off-the-grid‘: it is independent from any electric power grid and we provide our own clear and fresh water from our spring (which we found 100m deep!) Only our gas is supplied for cooking!

Our electricity is solely provided through green energy:  the sun and the wind, and that is plenty for us to live comfortably.

Of course we had to change the way used to live in the city. We are mindful of electrical appliances consumption. For example when it rains and when there is no sun or wind, we restrain the use of the oven or the TV. We are learning how to live tuned to nature and its elements!

Setting up the electricity windmill (2014)

On windy days. the windmill is used to generate electricity

The windmill to pump water from our 100m-deep borehole