Our farm

Betty & Huy bought the farm (or shall we say, the ‘land’) in 2007. It took them 7 years to lay the first foundations (e.g. the borehole, followed by the windmills, the buildings, solar energy) and plan ahead for the future.


Establishing the foundations

The surface of the farm is 133 ha, divided in two by some sheer cliffs. The Domaine Sérénité is sitting on 60 ha, while the rest is kept unspoilt.


The farm from the other side (at the back) from our leisurely hike

The first established building was ‘Studio Cubique’ in 2014 adjoining the workshop. The Studio offers a wonderful elevated view of the whole farm. Its primary use is for handmade activities related to the farm.

The early days of Studio Cubique

One brick at a time for our main house

Then in the next two years gradually followed the green house, the chicken pen, the wendy house, the main house, the Dojo and Cottage Goji.

The greenhouse

Our luxury chicken pen


Our main buildings, from left to right: Goji, Dojo and Main house (Studio Cubique at the back)

Domaine Sérénité from Karplaatz